Testimonies from Faculty Members who have consulted with me to improve Writing Pedagogy across the disciplines:

Faculty Testimonials

Battling the Silence: Increasing Student Engagement in the Classroom

This workshop offers some of the newest and most innovative methods for improving student engagement. Structured activities, new ways to include technology, and accountability procedures guarantee an increased level of enjoyment and rigor for student discussion.

Intelligent Design: Making Informal Assignments and Rubrics Work For You

This  hands-on workshop focuses on how to incorporate low-stakes writing assignments and efficient rubrics into your daily pedagogy.

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day: The Importance of Scaffolding Student Learning

This workshop provides faculty with an overview of a Writing Across the Curriculum philosophy. Faculty are introduced to some of key facets of WAC philosophy, including best practices for Writing Intensive courses.

Writing to Learn and Learning to Write

This workshop identifies the differences between writing to learn and learning to write assignment. This two-part workshop first asked departments to collaborate on the methods they used within their department and then faculty were asked to share writing ideas with those from other disciplines..

What can we do for you?: Connecting Resources on Campus

During this session, faculty will be introduced to some of the specialists on campus and discuss other resources that are available for all faculty. Resources will be offered to increase transparency between various support centers on campus and faculty.

Looking in the Peer-view Mirror

This creative role-play workshop assists instructors in designing activities that will make students more autonomous in the writing and reviewing process.

We, The Mentors: The Importance of Student Perspective when Designing Formal Writing Assignments

This workshop invites our Writing Mentors and our WI faculty for an overview of best practices for desiging formal writing assignments and a collegial exchange of writing prompts and assessment tools.