Research Interests

My recent project, Jolly Good Fellows: A Comprehensive Approach to Training Writing, Fellows focuses on methods for training Writing Fellows and establishing rapport with faculty. To perform this research, I am working with two undergraduate students who are assisting me in assessment design, developing interview questions, and collecting feedback from students enrolled in Writing Intensive courses. Ultimately, we hope to provide methods for equipping Fellows with the pedagogical and emotional support they need for this unique role on campus.


My dissertation draws upon archival research and contributes to the growing body of scholarship that analyzes the rhetoric of material culture—nineteenth-century portraits, theatrical postcards, souvenir books, programs, and annotations in play scripts—along with more traditional rhetorical expressions, such as autobiographies, drama reviews, and novels that feature fictional performers. I have also used this interdisciplinary approach to interrogate issues of multi-modal argument in my published work (see links to left).