Student Models

Multimodal Composing

Giving students alternatives to traditional composing methods not only celebrates diverse learning styles but also yields beautiful and unexpected results.

Student-Centered Prompts

Collaborating with students creates innovative and engaging writing prompts.

Visual Rhetoric

In developing visual arguments, students not only learn how to use images but also to better read their daily lives.

Multimodal Composing

Projects such as this "gift-box" style journal allow students to create arguments with objects, text, and other found items.

Featured left: This beautiful gift-box by health-care management major Hope Ford includes lyrics from Hamilton, her own original interpretation of Tennyson's "Lady of Shallot,"paper fragments from her archival research, and photographs from our class visits to the Walters, the Peabody, and our historic ghost tour.

Student-Centered Prompts

Student surveys and student collaboration have yielded some of my best writing prompts. For example, the Assignment Literacy Narrative asks Student Writing Fellows to read an instructor's prompt and create a first-person account of how engaging, how clear, and how well prepared students felt in completing a project. "Museums are Not Neutral"(see right) is a semester-long scaffolded project that requires students to visit multiple locations before proposing a revised exhibit and presenting their ideas to local museum professionals.

Right: Expert Writing Fellows Arielle Phillips and Morgan Kurtz

Visual Rhetoric

Projects of visual rhetoric not only allow students to showcase their natural tendency towards visual learning but also give them yet another mode for understanding how to organize an argument.

Left: Interactive Scrapbook Box

Click here to see Jeremy Hidalgo's PSA on the need to respect working mothers. All camera work was completed by the student.

Click here to see Stephanie Cillio's collage-style PSA on millennials.



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